Welding for Aluminum and High Strength Steels

MI-200T Premium Squeeze-Type Resistance Spot Welder

The MI200T's high-performance transformer pliers draw up to 40% less power than many cable pliers, further enhancing its energy savings and long-term cost-effectiveness. This high-efficiency design also means that the amperage service required for the MI200T is one of the lowest in the industry, typically requiring only a 40A service. In addition, the MI200T's duty cycle is so high that the technician can operate the welder continuously without having to slow down to let the welder cool off. Liquid cooling to the tips is standard. Elektron TrueAutoMode™

The MI200T offers worry-free welding through the TrueAutoMode™ automatic welding system. TrueAutoMode™ detects the metal type and thickness, as well as the presence of adhesives and insulation, and then automatically adjusts and sets the welding parameters accordingly. It provides instant feedback to the technician about the weld result, while simultaneously logging the results into memory.


  • Designed for all vehicle body repairs with high strength steels
  • Simple to follow LCD user interface
  • High performance lightweight transformer pliers - 40% less power
    than standard cable plier welder
  • C-pliers with multiple size arms available
  • Detects and adjusts welding parameters
  • Logs data for each repair
  • Provides feedback on the quality of every weld
  • Almost 20 feet of welding cable for increased reach
  • High duty cycle - no waiting for cool


MultiMig 511

Welding and brazing of
aluminum alloys, galvanized
sheet metal, stainless, and
high-strength steel.


Welding and brazing of aluminum alloys, galvanized sheet metal, stainless, and high-strength steel with Standard Torch.

  • Synergic pulsed technology for aluminum welding
  • Two types of torches can be used with MultiMig power source — a standard MIG torch or the unique push-pull torch (sold separately).

Elektron MultiMig 522
Dual Torch Complete
with Standard and
Push-Pull Torch


Welding and brazing of aluminum alloys, galvanized sheet metal, stainless, and high-strength steel.

  • Synergic pulsed technology is required by most OEMs for aluminum welding. Two-roller wire feed that can weld very thin aluminum with full penetration without burn-through
  • Inverter technology enables precision electronic control of output power for better quality welds
  • Two types of torches are standard with MultiMig power source — a standard MIG torch or the unique push-pull torch
  • The Elektron Push-Pull system torch has an up-down digital current adjust at your finger tip, thanks to a feeder built into the grip. The very small and light weight torch (no bulky spool-gun) enables real time control of welding process by control of the wire feed speed and current level. The push-pull system corrects many of the problems encountered with feeding and welding soft aluminum wire down to 0.6mm.
  • Can operate in pulse synergic, synergic, or conventional mode
  • Double Pulse feature — mechanically and electrically controls the welding parameters to achieve a TIG-looking (fish scale) weld bead

Dent Repair -
MultiTool Work


Specially designed for the repair of aluminum sheet metal panels. An easy to handle, mobile workstation cabinet for dedicated aluminum repair tool storage and work bench area.

  • MultiSpot M22 AL 115V aluminum capacitor discharge stud welder
  • Anodized aluminum pulling bar kit (90 cm) with mobile feet and 10x10 cm pivoting bases.
  • Anodized aluminum pulling system
  • 4 anodized aluminum hammers, heat gun, touchless, infrared laser thermometer, heat shield gel, angled air die grinder, starter kit of aluminum studs
  • Weight 270 lbs
  • Dimensions inches 39.4 x 20.5 x 61.4in

Welding Wire for High Strength Steels

Limited availability.
Reserve now!.

High tensile welding Wire for High Strength Steel

HWW-98008C When you perform MAG welding on high strength steel (HSS), it is necessary to meet or exceed the panel tensile strength with the welding wire. This welding wire should be used when welding HSS between 590 MPa and 980 MPa (86 ksi and 142 ksi). Using a lower tensile strength welding wire will result in a weaker than intended weld joint resulting in an improper repair.

Replacement equivalent to product number DS980J.

Required for Welding 590-980 MPa Steel on all Honda and Acura Models (Canadian Honda & Acura ProFirstTM Collision Repair Facilities).


  • 980 MPa (142 ksi) Tensile
  • High strength weld matches up to 980 MPa (142 ksi) steel

Product Specification:

  • At 0.2% Proof Stress: 930 MPa (135 ksi)
  • Tensile Strength: 980 MPa (142 ksi)
  • Shielding Gas: 80% / 20% Ar/CO2 (C20)
  • Weight (1 Roll): 5 kg (11 lbs.)
  • Wire Diameter: 0.8 mm
  • Manufactured in Germany

Frame Rack, pulling accessories and Measuring system

Meridian™ Live Mapping System
CHF-788LNE81L   Simultaneous and continuous measuring for 360° accuracy

Chief’s Meridian™ Live Mapping™ System is a complete vehicle blueprinting package. Galileo™ a precision single-hub laser driven scanner provides a quick and accurate 360-degree view of damage not visible to the naked eye. A focused scanner  footprint gives you flexibility in target line of site, so more measurements can be taken and an accurate detail of damage can be documented. (Requires subscription tomaintenance and update
 support, sold separately (CHF-788925))

Galileo™ Single Hub Scanner
  • Geospatial design and micro-rotational technology for precise speed, measurementcalculations and consistency
  • High powered laser with state-of-the-art optical path which increases measurement length with solid performance
  • Perfect plane stability makes necessary adjustments providing precise measurement
  • Robust construction features aerospace materials
  • Thermal resistant technology for temperature inconsistency gains
  • High-Tech optical components for accurate readings under any lighting conditions

Bar-coded reflective targets

  • Variable lengths for easy line of site placement 
  • Protective end caps help prevent damage
  • Minimal replacement investment
  • Bolt, Hole and Clip Attachments
  • Wide range of sizes and mounting for greater vehicle range
  • Optional Collet Style targets available

Bolt, Hole and Clip Attachments

  • Wide range of sizes and mounting for greater vehicle range
  • Optional Collet Style targets available



Goliath Series 20 ft Frame Rack
115V 50/60 Hertz Single Phase
CHF-451330 Never turn away business because of an undersized rack again. At 20' long and 92" wide, Goliath can easily handle the biggest pickups, extended cab dualies and SUVs around. Also available in 220 V, single phase.
Features :

  • 10 tons pulling force per tower
  • 12,000 lb. lift capacity
  • Simultaneous multiple pullings
  • Six variable heights from 19" – 40"
  • One button hand-held pendant controls all
    Goliath lift operations

18ft EVHT Frame Rack - 2 or 3 tower models
CHF-450437 The Height Is Variable. The Price Remains Low. Power and performance in one affordable package. The Chief impulse - E/VHT gives you the high-end features and capabilities you’ve come to expect from Chief at a price you can afford. No other pulling system in the industry gives you the options and versatility that the E/VHT provides - at any price.

Each E/VHT Tower Offers

  • 10-Tons of Power At The Hook
  • 10,000 lbs. of lifting capacity
  • Low Pressure System Offers More Power And Tighter Control For Faster, Higher Quality Repairs

Koala is easy on the budget but big on profits!

Koala is the small straightening bench with great versatility and potential. Suitable for all situations, Koala can handle most of the structural work your shop will see. Compact and out of the way when not in use due to the 6” height when fully lowered. Economical enough to put in every technicians stall, as multiple benches can share removable pulling post and other common tools.

Use Koala as a work bay lift for blueprinting, vehicle tear down and reassembly, or metal straightening. Put the vehicle in sill clamps, attach the 10 ton post and Koala can handle 90% of the structural work that comes through your shop. Positioning of the vehicle without ramps; at only 6” high off the floor Koala is a true drive-over bench.

  •  360 degree quick and simple 
  • 10 ton pull post mounting Sill Slamps for extended space
  • 5 feet 3 inches of working height


Length    3m (9’8”)
Width    36.6”
Lift Capacity    5,500lbs
Max. Height    59”
Min. Height    5.3”
Working Footprint    222” x 139”
Weight    3,256lbs.
Power Supply    220-240 V, 60Hz 20 amps
Single Phase Dedicated Line


Quick Pull, an in stall bench with light
duty pulling capabilities

With a lowered height of 4 inches off the floor Quick Pull does not need access ramps or side runners making it the perfect in-stall lift. Simply drive over the platform, swing the lift arms out and raise the vehicle to the optimum working height for the task being done. When the job requires a light or medium pull Quick Pulls 5 ton pulling arm is there to do the job, keeping sheet metal and other light duty pulling operations in the stall and off of the frame bench.

Quick Pull Components:

  • Adjustable height sill clamps
  •  Articulating arms with height adjustable rubber lift pads
  • Extended height rubber lift pads
  • 5 ton pulling tower, with chain, foot  pump, clamp, and safety cable 
  • Electro-hydraulic control unit with 26’ control cable.

Length    2.6m (8’6”)
Width    38”
Lift Capacity    5,500lbs.
Max. Height    52.76”
Min. Height    3.94”
Working Footprint    154” x 133”
Weight    2,315lbs.
Power Supply    220-240 V, 60Hz 20 amps
Single Phase Dedicated Line


Super Rotax is absolute perfection

Super Rotax offers effortless loading with removable ramps for unlimited access to the vehicle, as well as 360-degree, 10-ton pulling. The bench provides 5’9 of uninhibited working height with 11,000 lbs. of lifting capacity. It is compatible with electronic measuring.

Super Rotax tilts to allow fast and easy loading of vehicle. Put a vehicle into 4 sill clamps and you’re ready to pull in about 15 minutes. When 8-point holding or full fixturing is required, the user-friendly Globaljig Universal Jig makes it fast and efficient. The Super Rotax system comes standard with the full Globaljig Universal Jig (12 pts) with storage cart, the McPherson Overhead Measuring Bridge, loading ramps, loading stands, winch and one pulling tower fitted with accessories. Some customers choose to flush mount this bench so there’s even easier access to the work platform.

  •     360 degree 10 ton pull/push towers
  •     Locking Crossbeams
  •     High performance scissor lift structure
  •     Optional full frame holding clamps available
  •     5.75 feet of working height

Length    5.0m (16’4”)
6.0m (19’6”)
Width    78.7”
Lift Capacity    11,000 lbs.
Max. Height    69”
Min. Height    20.5” - Tilt Loading
Working Footprint    305” x 140”
345” x 140”
Weight    8,298lbs.
Power Supply    220-240 V, 60Hz 20 amps
Single Phase Dedicated Line


Evolution, Universal and Versatile, designed to accomodate any type of uni-body or full frame vehhicle

Evolution Jig Bench is the economical solution for those repairs where a mini-bench is not enough. With 5 crossbeams, loading ramp package and the D257 Fixture Set, it has all the hardware needed for the 8 point holding that OEMs require when a new design vehicle is structurally straightened. A 4.5m ( 14.75 ft.) bench thats ideal, taking up a smaller footprint without sacrificing repair capabilities.

This bench tilts allowing easier loading of the vehicle when driving up or winching onto the ramps. Vehicles can be loaded into sill clamps in as little as 15 minutes and thanks to the sliding crossbeams and base blocks, fully fixturing is also a quick and efficient process. Pulling towers remain attached to the bench and effortlessly glide 360 degrees around the bench. The “Vector” design of the towers means chain angles are always correct for every pull.

  •     5 crossbeams
  •     Loading ramp package
  •     Includes hardware needed for 8 pt. holding that OEM’s require
  •     Onboard pulling tower

Length    4.6m (15’2”)
Width    78.7”
Lift Capacity    7,700lbs.
Max. Height    53.2”
Min. Height    14.5” - Tilt Loading
Working Footprint    267” x 140”
Weight    6,616lbs.
Power Supply208-240 V    220-240 V, 60Hz 20 amps
Single Phase Dedicated Line


Mobile System, a reference point for the OEM

The Globaljig System mobile bench has long been considered the top of its category. It is the equipment that has changed the perceptions about mobile benches. Equipped with the Globaljig Universal Fixturing System that allows centering of the vehicle after it is fixed to the jigs it can save up to 75% of the time required to load a vehicle.

Length: 5.0m (16’4”)
Width: 70.8”
Lift Capacity    NA
Max. Height    NA
Min. Height    NA
Working Footprint    303” x 132”
Weight    4,348lbs.
Power Supply    NA


Chief Structural Holding

CHF -300000

The Structural Holding Package provides additional holding to newer vehicles manufactured with large amounts of High Strength and Ultra High Strength steels and additional Aluminum structures. The technician can apply additional holds, spreading out the amount of pressure at each hold location reducing the chance of additional damage during repairs. This holding is necessary to hold a part being replaced in the correct location for welding and bonding. This system will fit any Chief or Chief style machines with rectangle holes on top of the deck. This concept allows a shop that has an older machine to be equipped with the latest technology in holding systems that will assist in repairs on the newest vehicles.
This Structural Holding Package is conveniently mounted on a tool board that outlines each component making it simple to identify where the part goes; all of this affixed to an easy-to-roll cart designed for the technician’s convenience and a clean looking shop.


Chief Collet Style Target

CHF -640200

Set of 18 Collet Style Measuring Target Attachment Set for Aluminum Vehicles
The aluminum-housed attachment is self-centering with three collet style fingers. This gives the attachment the capability to measure any vehicle regardless of material type - steel, aluminum, carbon fiber, etc.

Target kit consists of :

6 - Small Collet Attachments #128-640080: 10mm – 23mm
8 - Medium Collet Attachments #128-640079: 10mm – 31mm
4 - Large Collet Attachments #128-640078: 20mm – 43mm


Chief Deluxe
Loading Package


Load and position undrivable or hard to maneuver vehicles directly onto platform by positioning Dead Vehicle Dollies under wheels and pulling with the Electric Winch.

Electric Winch (chf-610538)
Chief Air Jack (CHF-091900)
2 Dead Vehicle Dollies (CHF-610706)


F.A.S.T. Anchoring
with Cart


F.A.S.T. isolates the vehicle frame from its suspension, making repair diagnosic simple. It helps you do big jobs like trucks, SUVs and full-frame cars quickly and easily, reducing the time it takes to pull and measure your jobs. Chief’s F.A.S.T. Anchoring System mounts to Chief’s patented Universal Anchoring Stands or to Universal Measuring System Pinchweld Stands.


Vulcan Adhesive Debonding unit

The patent-pending Chief Vulcan ADU is the first product specifically designed to break the bond of structural adhesives in automotive applications. The Vulcan ADU uses infrared radiation technology to quickly heat the surface to a temperature where the first layer of glue underneath releases cleanly - in as little as 20 seconds. With the adhesive bonds broken, the technician can then easily separate the materials with less risk of damage to either piece. The epoxy remains smooth and hard, not sticky, leaving behind a clean work surface. The Vulcan ADU can be used on any vehicle surface, including aluminum, carbon fiber and steel using no electromagnetic field.

The Chief Vulcan Adhesive Debonding Unit is a solution to an issue that wasn't important just a few years ago. But as OEMs incorporate glue and epoxies into their manufacturing processes for more and more vehicles, collision repair shops need to be equipped to efficiently separate those bonded components to properly repair the vehicles. Applying heat is a proven method for releasing adhesives, but although there are several options available for traditional steel panels, tight temperature control is needed to not overheat high-strength steels. Aluminum is more challenging because it dissipates heat very quickly and requires a lot of input energy: more than is found in traditional induction heaters or heat guns. The Vulcan ADU uses very short waves of infrared radiation to quickly produce up to 600 degrees of heat concentrated at the surface of the material being treated. Even though the unit produces very high output temperature, the lamp's handles and sides remain cool to the touch for safe operation and prolonged lamp life. The Vulcan ADU has three modes of operation.

  1. Manual : Pulling the trigger will produce whatever level of power the technician set until the trigger is released.
  2. Automatic : The technician sets both a set point temperature and the power level, and the unit will control to that level while the trigger is pressed.
  3. Programmable : The technician can set up to five steps including a specific temperature and how long the Vulcan should stay at that temperature.
  • Breaks the adhesive bond between glued panels or surface
  • Precise temperature control - focus on one panel layer
  • Microprocessor control with color touch screen
  • Uses infrared lamps to output focused heat to a surface
  • Calibration feature to address issues when measuring different color paint and reflectivity
  • Can be used to remove molding and labels
  • 5-step program available to set temperature and time for curing adhesives


Fume Extractor

The all new Chief Fume Extractor is purpose built for
the automotive repair industry. Its compact design, vertical
reach and ease of use make it perfect for today’s body shops.

750 CFM of airflow to quickly move flux burn off from welding area

Dust Extractor

Vacuum assisted sanding kit system with immersion separator for the
automotive repair industry.

  • Fully integrated automatic On/Off switch allows the electricallly operated vacuum cleaner to be controlled by a pneumatic hand tool
  • HEPA Filter - included with an efficiency of
    99.995% on 0.3 micron. Tested: IEST RP-CC001.3. H14
    by MPPS method as per EN 1822
  • CSA Certified

PNP90 Rivet Gun

PNP90 riveting tool is the perfect solution for completing all common riveting operations in thin sheet metal structures.

Specifically developed for riveting sheet metal in the autobody repair field, the rivet gun is a pneumatic-hydraulic system for riveting and pressing out self-piercing rivets. The equipment’s universal technology enables adaption of various attachments for different application. Easy to use, lightweight and highly efficient - this riveting tool allows your technicians to complete repairs in record time,

The hydraulic pump is pneumatically driven. Its pressure intensifier, with a pressure ratio of 100:1, delivers hydraulic output pressure of 8,702 psi (600 bar) with input pressure of only 87 psi (6 bar). When the equipment’s preset
final pressure is reached, the pump stops and maintains constant pressure, using a pneumatically controlled pressure relief valve.

Features and benefits:

  • Universal - allows for attachments for various applications.
    - Riveting
    - Punching
    - Pressing Out
    - Calibrating
  • Highly efficient - pressure ratio of 100:1
  • Precise control over strength of impact
  • Sturdy construction with low maintenance

The basic tool kit contains the pneumo-hydraulic pressure intensifier a hydraulic gun, an NB40 rivet clamp and a fully equipped UN 2.0 Riveting Tool Kit.

CHF-45711 Rivet Clamp NB 115+ spacer

CHF-45712 Rivet clamp NB 230 + spacer


Multispot M25AL High
Output Stud Welder


High output power stud welder for aluminum, mild steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel and brass surfaces.

  • Aluminum capable by using capacitor discharge technology to break through the surface oxidation and insulation without damaging the sheet metal below.
  • Can weld up to 6mm diameter stud bolts on clean, bare (un painted) aluminum surface
  • Comes complete with a stud-gun and 2-clamp ground cables
  • User friendly information displays and control knobs.

Multi-Cutter MC40
The Precision Plasma Cutter


Perfect cutting performance, particularly on high strength steels and through rust or paint. The only efficient cutting method for BORON body parts. Precise cutting capabilities even on thin panels. Perfect also on double layers: cutting through one layer without penetrating the lower one.

• Inverter current source
• Electro pneumatic ignition
• Microprocessor control
• 6 m torch

Voltage: 230 V (single phase) 50 / 60 Hz
Cutting current: 5 - 40 A continuous setting
Max. cutting capacity: 0.24" (steel) / 0.24" (Al) / 0.20" (stainless) thickness
Duty cycle dimensions:
60 % at 40 A / 100 % at 25 A
Protective system: IP 23
Weight: 22.2 lb
Dimensions (in):
9.8 H / 11.4W / 5.1 D